Years ago, a mathematician retired from 30 years of editing mathematical papers submitted to journals of The American Math. Soc. (top organization). He said that, while editing hundreds of papers, he'd never read as many as 5 pages without a minor mathematical error, or as many as 10 pages without a major mathematical error.

Not by choice, I've had to work alone, all my life. My Websites contain material worked up alone, without any colleague to read or act as consultant. They contain material submitted to journals, but rejected, while unread. (I know this because I glued most of the pages together, and they return still glued.) No editor, even in rejection, has ever given me a helpful correction or suggestion regarding the given manuscript. I apologize for any errors you can find, and would be grateful for notification by email. Also, if you think you can do better with any of these ideas or material, be my guest! I wish only to make available neglected resources of mathematics and science.--Correct me. Or extend my work. Or take over my work.